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Małgorzata Głowacka, Bogdan Głowacki
ul. Kielecka 6/1
71-037 Szczecin
NIP: 8522600111
Regon: 321300156


1. The buyer may be a natural person running a business, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, hereinafter referred to as the “wholesale customer” operating in the field of clothing trade, and any adult natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, hereinafter referred to as “Retail client”

2. All prices quoted by the Seller are expressed in Polish currency and are gross prices (including VAT).

2a. The prices of goods for a wholesale customer are available after logging in. The prices of the goods do not include the cost of delivery.

2b. For retail customers, ONLY the Outlet Store is available, prices shown are gross prices

(including VAT) expressed in Polish currency. The prices of the goods do not include the cost of delivery.


1. The possibility of placing an order and obtaining information about wholesale prices of products takes place after registration. The option is available only for wholesale customers. 2. In order to register, the Customer is obliged to provide the data of the business activity, in particular the tax identification number.

3. After verification of the data submitted by the Customer, the Seller grants an individual login and password to the store.

4. Registration and opening an account does not apply to a retail client.


1. Wholesale orders can be placed via the form on the store’s website around the clock, via e-mail at or by phone at + 48 603912522 from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.

1a. Retail orders in the Outlet Store can be placed via the form on the store’s website around the clock, via e-mail at or by phone at

+ 48 882060784 from Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 2pm.

2. The purchased goods, together with a sales invoice for a wholesale customer, with a fiscal receipt for a retail customer, are sent via the DPD courier company to the delivery address provided by the Customer.

3. The conclusion of the contract takes place when the order is placed by the customer. 

4. Each customer can make changes to the order or cancel the order by e-mail or by phone.


1.The parcel is sent after completing the order. The waiting time for delivery is agreed each time with the wholesale customer.

2. Availability of each model and size for retail customers is stated at the time of ordering. If the product is available, it means that it is in our

warehouse and will be shipped no later than the next business day after the payment is received. Since we sell in several different places, it is possible that the product purchased in the store will be unavailable. In such a situation, we suggest switching to a different model, specifying the date on which the purchased product will be available, or on the same day we make a return transfer of the entire amount paid for the purchases.

3. The cost of delivery of the goods for the wholesale customer and the retail customer Option for pay or bank transfer, the shipping cost is PLN 17,99 PLN.

Payment on delivery, shipping costs PLN 21,00 PLN.

Shipping for wholesale orders over 10 PCS is FREE

Shipping for Retail orders over 150,00 PLN is FREE


1. The wholesale customer makes the payment only after confirming the completion of the order on the basis of the issued VAT invoice,

2. A retail customer using the Outlet store may choose the following payment methods for the ordered Goods:

a. PayU, via the electronic payment system.

b. transfer to the PeKaO account number 83 1950 0001 2039 0975 5000 0005

c. Cash on delivery, payment directly on delivery from the courier.

3. The order will be incorrectly placed and the Sales Agreement will not be concluded in each case when:

a. A retail customer has chosen to pay the amount due via and the transaction has not been authorized (accepted);

b. The retail customer has chosen to pay by bank transfer and the amount due has not been credited to the SANDRA S.C. account. within 7

days from the date of placing the Order by the Customer;

c. Wholesale and retail customers chose cash on delivery and failed to pay the courier on delivery;

d. The retail customer and the wholesale customer provided false contact details that prevented the proper implementation of services.


1. The subject of sale are new products. Claims for product defects can be made within two years from the date of purchase.

2. Our products are of high quality and it is rare that the product is damaged, but if the defective model is sent, please send it back to the following address:


M.B. Głowcy

ul. Kielecka 6/1

71-037 Szczecin

after informing the Seller by phone 603 912 522 or by e-mail to

3. The complaint will be considered within 14 days.


1.Please be advised that in accordance with applicable law, in the case of purchase of goods for a company for a wholesale customer, the consumer law in the field of possible returns does not apply. Therefore, it is not possible to return the goods.

2. A retail customer has the right to withdraw from a distance contract in accordance with Art. 27. The Act of May 30, 2014. on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 24 June 2014, item 827), without giving reasons, within 30 days from the date of receipt of the Goods and immediately return the purchased Goods in an unchanged condition.

a. Please send the returned products together with the receipt and bank account number to the following address:



BOX D-108/112 (input 12)

ul. Tuszyńska 72/74

95-030 Rzgów / Łódź

after informing the Seller by phone 882 060 784 or by e-mail to the address

b. Returned products must be returned as delivered. They must not have any traces of use (perfume, stains, traces of washing). We kindly ask you to be especially careful when trying on bright things. On occasions, there may be traces of fluid or lipstick on your clothes. After checking the products and data of the retail customer, the money for the purchase is sent back within a maximum of 14 days to the account number provided by the customer.


1. The administrator of personal data provided by the wholesale and retail customers when using the Store is the Seller.

2. The Customer’s personal data is processed in order to perform the contract, in accordance with the principles set out in the general regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) on data protection (GDPR).

3. Personal data is not shared with other entities for marketing purposes.

4. At any time, each registered wholesale customer has the right to change their data or delete personal data from the store.


1. None of the provisions of these Regulations is intended to infringe the rights of the Customer. In the event of non-compliance of any part of the regulations with applicable law, the Seller declares absolute

submission to the application of this law in place of the challenged provision of the regulations.

2. During the execution of the order and during the entire period of after-sales care, the Customer is bound by the regulations accepted by him when placing the order.

3. The Seller reserves the right to amend these regulations only for important reasons. An important reason is the need to change the regulations caused by a change in the law, affecting the provision of the service by the Seller.

4. In matters not covered by these regulations, the relevant applicable legal provisions shall apply. Disputes are considered by a court having local and material jurisdiction.

5. All rights to photos and materials posted on the website are held by the SANDRA Civil Partnership. It is forbidden to use them in any field of exploitation.

6. The Regulations are valid from January 25, 2021.